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Sanctuary (doc in development)

On their way to gaining substantial control of their ancestral land, Nunavimmiut learned important lessons. The creation of Nunavut, itself a twenty-five year effort, was only the stepping stone to other initiatives. In 2008, after years and years of negotiations, the Ninginganiq National Wildlife Area became a reality. Off the east coast of Baffin Island, […]

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Tony (doc in development)

When Tony Kalluk returned to his home community of Clyde River three years ago, many townspeople feared the worst. In the more than twenty years that he had been gone, Tony had gained the reputation as one of Nunavut’s most hardened and violent criminals, involved in gangs and drugs. But word was that he had […]

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Heart and Soul (doc in development)

As many of Nunavut’s communities struggle with a crisis of addiction, suicide and violence, many committed Nunavimmiut are struggling to turn the tide. Our series explores the issues by profiling the hard work of a cast of counselors, elders, teachers, social workers, justice committee members, health providers, politicians, anti-suicide activists, church leaders and other selected […]

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Qimmit: A Clash of Two Truths / Qimmit: Un choc, deux vérités

Forty years ago, as nomadic life was ending for Canada’s Inuit, the sled dog population plummeted from an estimated 20,000 to about 700. The collapse was traumatic, and the wounds of this loss are still open. What happened, and why? This documentary co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada for the Aboriginal People’s Television […]

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The Quest (La quête de Philippe)

The dogs are back! Every April, Nunavut mushers engage in the week-long Nunavut Quest sled dog race across the northern Baffin region. In 2010 Piksuk crews traveled with the race through the spectacular Baffin Island landscape from Pond Inlet to Clyde River. 180 dogs, 135 humans and 45 snowmobiles made for a dramatic procession as […]

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The Mystery of Arqioq

The Mystery of Arqioq tells the story of a lost High Arctic expedition and of the Greenland Inuk guide who returned from the dead. This film was produced in 2007. 47 min.

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High-Five: an adoption saga

Vancouver couple Cathy and Martin Ward wanted to adopt a baby. Instead they got five siblings, ages six to seventeen, from Ukraine. The wrenching story of the adoption process is just the beginning of this very human family saga. Since we began filming in 2008, all five kids have arrived and, each in his and […]

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